This notice is to inform all researchers that poor quality applications submitted for HREB review will no longer be accepted as these do not meet REB review requirements.  This includes poor quality applications identified in the screening process and poor quality re-submissions post screening.  Extensive feedback about how to improve poor quality submissions will not be provided by the Ethics Office. If faculty are supervising students conducting health research, supervisors are required to review student’s applications prior to submission to the HREB.  Failure to submit applications that meet REB review requirements will result in delays in the research ethics review process. 

To submit an application to the HREB for review, you must create a Researcher Portal account and access the online applications inside the Portal.  For more information please visit the Researcher Portal tab.

To determine the appropriate application form to complete inside the Researcher Portal, please complete the ‘Newfoundland and Labrador Ethics Application Screening Tool’
The interactive ‘Ethics Application Screening Tool’ was developed to help guide researchers to the appropriate application for ethics review for the various REBs in the province. It is highly recommended that all researchers complete the tool prior to accessing an application form in the Researcher Portal.   Please note that applications cannot be transferred between the different REBs if the incorrect application is selected; and that through the creation of the Researcher Portal, the various REBs have updated their processes and forms and these changes may impact which application to complete.

The ‘Newfoundland and Labrador Ethics Application Screening Tool’ was developed by Sandra Veenstra on behalf of the Health Research Ethics Authority (HREA) and is subject to copyright. This tool is not to be replicated without permission. This tool is provided for informational purposes only. The tool is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the owner/author of the tool do not warrant the completeness, accuracy or usefulness of the tool.  The owner/author accepts no duty of care to users of the tool and disclaims all liability for any claims or damages of any kind in respect of the use of or reliance on the tool.  Each situation is different and requires a review of the relevant and specific facts and law applicable to a particular situation.  You are advised to review all relevant legislative and policy documents and obtain your own independent and legal and other professional advice in respect thereof with regards to any particular research project you will be undertaking. If you have any questions about the tool you can contact Sandra Veenstra, Ethics Director to the HREA at or (709) 777-8905.


If you are submitting a genetic research study for HREB review please be advised that as of January 1, 2017 these submissions will be reviewed by the Health Research Ethics Board Clinical Trials sub-committee (HREB-CT). Please refer to the Submission Deadline Days for the HREB-CT.

Guidance notes for researchers submitting a Clinical Trial via the Researcher Portal (CLICK HERE): This link will provide guidance for submitting a Clinical Trial form for HREB review via the Researcher Portal.



The HREB requires that all Principal Investigators (PIs) and their Supervisors (if applicable) must have completed the most recent version of the TCPS 2 tutorial – the CORE Tutorial.  TCPS1 tutorials (those tutorials completed prior to 2011) are now considered out of date and corresponding certificates will not be accepted.

Additionally, a
s of September 1, 2017, TCPS2: CORE Certificates of Completion will be required for all project team members who will collect data and/or otherwise have contact with human participants, prior to the application being approved
To access the TCPS 2 Core Tutorial please click here.

The below forms, templates and resources may be useful to you:



All industry sponsored research projects submitted to the HREB are subject to a review fee. The review fee schedule can be found HERE.