This notice is to inform all researchers that poor quality applications submitted for HREB review will no longer be accepted as these do not meet REB review requirements.  This includes poor quality applications identified in the screening process and poor quality re-submissions post screening.  Extensive feedback about how to improve poor quality submissions will not be provided by the Ethics Office. If faculty are supervising students conducting health research, supervisors are required to review student’s applications prior to submission to the HREB.  Failure to submit applications that meet REB review requirements will result in delays in the research ethics review process. 


Deadlines & Meeting Dates

The subcommittees of the HREB, Clinical Trials (HREB-CT) and HREB, Non-clinical Trials (HREB-NCT) meet on alternate weeks throughout the year. All applications must be screened prior to being included in the meeting agenda.

Please Note: All deadlines are STRICT. This is to ensure adequate review time for Committee members.Thank you.

Clinical Trials Committee  - CLINICAL TRIALS ONLY!                    

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Non-Clinical Trials Committee - ALL OTHER RESEARCH ONLY!



If you are submitting a genetic research study for HREB review please be advised that as of January 1, 2017 these submissions will be reviewed by the Health Research Ethics Board Clinical Trials sub-committee (HREB-CT). Please refer to the Submission Deadline Days for the HREB-CT.